Town of Alfred
2023/2024 Season

  • It is important that all plowed right–of–ways within the town limits be kept clear of obstructions. Therefore, it is the obligation of all owners & occupants of property in Town to make sure that their mailboxes or any other structures within the town right-of-ways are there at the owner’s risk.  Neither the Town nor the Road Commissioner or Plow Contractor accepts any responsibility for damages to said structures by plows or sand trucks.
  • There is also a Town Ordinance prohibiting plowing snow across roads from driveways.
  • A ban on overnight parking on roadways and in municipal parking lots is in effect as of November 1st. There will be no parking on the sides of streets during the rest of the winter months.  Vehicles restricting plowing and sanding will be towed at the owner’s expense.

             Selectmen, Town of Alfred