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Due to the recent surge in Covid 19 cases in this area, we need to take further safety precautions to do what we can to stop further spreading of the virus.

Effective immediately, and until further notice, visitors to Town Hall will be asked a series of questions about their current health and recent social activities when the doorbell is answered.

However, we understand that taxes have to be paid and vehicles need to be registered. You will get the service you need, depending upon what you are there for, will require different solutions that will be handled on a case by case basis.

No more than one person will be allowed in at one time. This is based on per office square foot allowances to determine the actual number.

Effective immediately, and until further notice, the Parsons Memorial Library is closed. Curbside pick-up will be the only available service.

Effective immediately, and until further notice, the Alfred Park Playground, ball fields, tennis and basketball courts are closed.

Effective immediately the Brothers Beach is closed for the season.

With the changes noted above, please anticipate waiting outside for short periods of time upon your arrival to Town Hall, with the ever changing weather.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience and help as we all try to keep things as safe as possible.

Tony Palminteri
Glenn Dochtermann
Rich Pasquini
Alfred Board of Selectmen

Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased that you are interested in our town. Alfred, Shiretown of York County, is located at the geographic center of one of the fastest growing counties in Maine.  Our community is predominately rural; but with a “classic New England village” that is both a historic and a contemporary town center.

Whether you are a resident, planning on visiting or considering moving your residence or business to our community, we hope this website will be informative and helpful.  If you like our website or have suggestions for improvement, please let us know.  We take great pride in this view of our community.





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