Sarah Hewitt,
Town Clerk & Registrar of Voters & Deputy Tax Collector
Phone: 207-324-5872, Ext 204 or Ext 201
FAX: 207-324-1289

Mon. Tues. Wed. & Thurs.  8:15 am to 4:30 pm 

The Town Clerk is the supervisor of all elections and has the following duties:                             

  1. Conducts Absentee Voting - administers voting procedures
  2. Coordinates Election Officials - Schedules election officials to work at polls, swears them in.
  3. Provides Instruction - trains election officials on laws and procedures
  4. Coordinates Poll watchers and Petitioners who wish to be at the polls
  5. Provides materials and equipment - prepares ballots and election materials
  6. Advises Warden - informs the Warden of election laws and procedures
  7. Completes Return of Votes Cast - reports results to the Secretary of State; completes and submits other forms as required
  8. Performs other election duties for supervising the election - with the approval of the municipal officers, the clerk appoints a warden and may appoint one or more deputy wardens.
Other work responsibilities:

  • Validates official documents; oversees posting of official notices and and ordinances; records papers with the federal, State and County governments as needed; swears in municipal officials
  • Issues various licenses such as marriage, hunting, fishing, archery, and dog licenses, maintains all records in relation thereto
  • Acts as the custodian of the official Town Seal
  • Maintains records of births, deaths, and marriages, and sends periodic reports to the State of Maine Office of Vital Statistics
  • Provides a public information service
  • Accounts for all public monies received by her in such manner as the Treasurer may prescribe
  • Performs all duties and exercises all powers incumbent upon or invested in Town Clerks by state law
  • Sets up and maintains a records retention and destruction system for the Municipal center
  • Maintains the Code and Ordinances as necessary
  • Attends Town Meetings, Special Town Meetings, Annual Town Meetings and records, preserves all permanent records of such meetings