Michelle Lord, Tax Collector
Phone: 207-324-5872, Ext 203
FAX: 207-324-1289

Mon. & Wed.  8:15 am to 4:30 pm 
Tues. 12:15 pm to 6:45 pm
8:15 am to 2:30 pm

Special Form Downloads
Tax Club Information
Tax Club Application
Veteran's Exemption Application
Homestead Exemption Application
Application for Exemption: Widow, Widower, Minor Child, Widowed Parent of Veteran

Registration Information

This office registers the following: 
  • Boats Snowmobiles
  • ATV's
  • Cars
  • All kinds of Trucks
  • Trailers/Campers
  • Motorcycles
What Will You Need to Register a (New) Vehicle
  1. Title Application (blue copy)
  2. Bill of Sale
  3. Current Proof of Insurance ID Card - If you do not have your proof of insurance, you may have it faxed to the town 207-324-1289.
  4. Window Sticker (MSRP, if it is a new car – used to pay excise tax)
  5. Old registration (yellow copy) if transferring plates from your trade-in
  6. Current mileage
What Will You Need to RE-Register a Vehicle
  1. Registration copy (yellow)
  2. Current Proof of Insurance ID card
  3. Current mileage

Tax Rate Information
The 2020 tax rate is $16.40 per thousand dollars

When Are Taxes Due?
FIRST HALF: payment due on 10/01/2020
SECOND HALF: payment due on 04/01/2021.

Interest On Upaid Balances
Rate is 8% per annum
Interest on remaining unpaid *FIRST HALF* balances will begin on 10/02/2020
Interest on remaining unpaid *SECOND HALF* balances will begin on 04/02/2021

The Town of Alfred's fiscal year is July 1 through June 30