Tom Holland, Animal Control Officer   
Debbie Higgins, Deputy ACO 
Phone: 207-324-3822  Cell: 207-432-1338
P.O. Box 850, Alfred, Maine  04002
Pope Memorial Humane Society, Dover NH -

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Stray Dogs

The Dog Officer shall have the authority to incarcerate any stray dog up to 10 days, and if said dog is not claimed within 10days, it will be disposed of at the discretion of the Dog Officer.  If said dog is claimed within this period of time, the owner will pay all expenses and fees to the Dog Officer at that time.

Disturbing the Peace
The Dog Officer shall answer any and all complaints of dogs disturbing the peace.  It shall be a violation of this article for anyone owning, possessing or harboring any animal which barks, howls or makes other sounds common to its species continuously for 20 minutes or longer, or intermittently for one hour or more so as to disturb the peace of any abutting property owner or the general public.
Exceptions.  This section shall not apply if the animal is barking or making other sounds at trespassers, or a threatening trespasser on private property on which the animal is situated. 

Unlicensed Dogs: Compensation
The Dog Officer shall issue warrants to all owners of unlicensed dogs as of March 1 of each year, and said officer shall receive from the Town Clerk his compensation as authorized by state statute.

Disposal of Canine Feces
It shall be a violation of this ordinance for any person who owns, possesses, or controls a dog to fail to remove and dispose of any feces left by his/her dog on any Town-owned property within the Town of Alfred, as well as any public roadway (including the unpaved portion) and any private property within the Center Village District of the Town of Alfred, excepting property belonging to the animal's owner or keeper.

B. Disposal. For the purpose of this section, the means of removal shall be by any tool, implement, or other device carried for the purpose of picking up and containing such feces. Disposal shall be accomplished by transporting such feces to a toilet or other appropriate waste receptacle.
C. Exemptions. Working police dogs while on duty or a certified aide dog accompanying any person who, by reason of his/her handicap, is physically unable to comply with the requirements of this section. 

Any person found in any violation of any provision contained in Alfred's Animal Control Ordinances, after one written warning which shall be issued by the Animal Control Officer, shall be subject to a minimum fine of $50 and a maximum fine of $250 for each day the offense continues. In setting a penalty the Animal Control Officer and/or the court shall consider, but is not limited to consider, the following:
      1. Prior violations by the same party
      2. The extent to which the violation continued following the written warning
      3. The impact of the violation on abutting property owners or the general public

The Animal Control Officer shall be entitled to file a complaint in the District Court on behalf of the Town to seek the enforcement of this article. In the event that a complaint is filed in the District Court and the Town is the prevailing party, the Town must be awarded reasonable attorney's fees, expert witness fees and costs.

Funds generated by these fines will be used to offset the implementation and costs of this provision.