Alfred Park

Welcome to Alfred Parks and Recreation! alfred_park_ballfield
The Parks and Rec. Committee is working very hard to provide our community with as many safe and fun programs for all.  Check our site often to keep yourself up to date on the latest activities and please join us whenever you can.  

Like us on Facebook and if you have any ideas on new programs please share them with us.

Effective immediately: Due to inclement weather the mowing at the park will occur when the weather permits. During time when the park is being mowed, the park will be closed for your safety. We apologize for the inconvenience.

No Smoking and No Dogs are allowed at Alfred Park

We have had a problem with people not obeying the posted signs at the park and would like to ask that people refrain from smoking in the park, as we want to promote an healthy environment and eliminate the cigarrette butts on the ground.

We also have a problem with people bringing dogs to the park. We do not want any chance of a child vs dog conflict and we do not want any dog waste in the park.

ALFRED PARK - Closed Thursdays 7-10 am for maintenance

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!