Updated Information on the Property Tax Stabilization Program for Seniors

Property Tax Stabilization Program
– For senior citizens, is a state program that allows certain senior citizens residents to stabilize, or freeze the property tax on their residential homes.

As a result of recent changes in the law, the Tax Stabilization program WILL only apply to the property tax year beginning April 1, 2023.  This program will not continue after this year.  Seniors were expecting to reapply beginning in August, the repeal of this program means there will be no reapplication process for the upcoming year.  There is no reapplication to fill out.  You do not need to contact the Assessor. 
However, this same legislation has expanded the eligibility thresholds for participating in the property Tax Deferral Program and increased the maximum benefit available under the Property Tax Fairness Credit for those age 65 and older.  More information can be found here: