Important notice regarding timber harvest at Brothers Beach

                                           ALFRED RESIDENTS 
In the near future a badly needed selective harvest will take place on the 39 acre Brothers Beach parcel. This plan has been in the works for several years through the efforts of State of Maine Forestry staff with the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, which is where we received the Canopy grant funding to hire a Forester to do this management plan, the Brothers Beach Committee and Alfred Selectmen.

 This parcel has several severe problems that must be addressed. It is badly overgrown and needs thinning and it is badly infested with invasive species. Worst of all it has a heavy concentration of Ash trees that are heavily infected with the always fatal Emerald Ash Borer beetle (EAB). Unfortunately, it is one of the harder hit areas in Maine according to the state insect pest experts. 

The health, vitality and appearance of the forest is greatly enhanced by a managed harvest. This allows dying and poor quality trees to be removed and allows more sunlight to get to the younger and more desirable stock.

 It will also allow us to market the Ash timber while it still has a value. The EAB is a terrible pest that came from China and has wiped out millions of this very important species. Forest scientists are working on the problem diligently. 

The various invasive plant species are also a big problem and recently the state has made a real effort on combating this issue.

 Besides a healthier forest this harvest will allow us to build walking trails for all to enjoy. 

The parcel is going to look different, but it will rebound and will be healthier and more enjoyable. Remember, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

 The harvest should take less than two weeks and should begin at the end of this week. 

 Thank you
Alfred Board of Selectmen
Brothers Beach Committee