Committee Members   Term Expires
Anderson, Marjorie - Chairman 07/31/2024
D'Anci, Mark 07/31/2025
Dorian, Donna  07/31/2026
Orr, Patrick - Secretary 07/31/2024
Tucker, Bruce - Treasurer  07/31/2026

Announcing the opening of the Alfred Village Museum on June 24, 2023, @ 2PM. The Alfred Village Museum is located on Oak Street- the former fire station, next to the Beehive. This year’s exhibit is A Shared Landscape: Alfred Village and Shaker Village, exploring the relationship of Alfred’s  Shaker Colony and the people of Alfred. Summer hours are Wednesday and Saturday 2-4 PM thru September. No admission charged.

The Museum is open June through September every Wednesday & Saturdays 2:00 to 4:00 pm. 

Appointment of Members, Terms & Vacancies

Historical Committee members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and must be sworn before assuming their duties. The Committee consists of at least seven but not more than 11 members. A quorum consists of four members who are qualified to vote. The term of each member is three years, however the initial terms will be staggered in one, two, and three-year terms. When there is a permanent vacancy, the Board of Selectmen must appoint a new member to serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.

It shall be the responsibility of the Historical Committee to collect and preserve such original historical records, artifacts and printed material concerning the Town of Alfred that it may be able to obtain, either through purchase or donations.  The Committee has the authority to reject any part of a collection which is not relevant to the Town of Alfred. The Historical Committee is authorized to accept, on behalf of the Town of Alfred, any and all materials.
Alfred Village Museum                                                                                                                         village_museum_building
Of historical interest that are unconditional and outright gifts. The Historical Committee is responsible for educating citizens of the Town of Alfred through means available to them on the history of the Town.
The Historical Committee shall establish a working policy to include these and other guidelines as they may occur. The Historical Committee will have immediate supervision of the maintenance and upkeep of the Historical Museum Building.
The Historical Committee will have immediate supervision over the maintenance and the upkeep of the District No. 5 Schoolhouse.

Any income or donations associated with the Historical Committee will be made payable to the Town of Alfred. Said funds will be turned over to the Selectmen with documentation regarding the intended use (for Museum or for Schoolhouse) and will be accepted and appropriated by the Board of Selectmen. Said funds will be held within the General Fund without interest until expended by a Treasurer's warrant signed by a majority of the Alfred Selectmen.

If you are interested in serving on the Historical Committee please contact the Town Hall, or fill out this form and bring it to Town Hall.  Application for Board/Committee/Commission Membership