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Request for a Fair Hearing:
Any person who disagrees with a decision who has been found ineligible for General Assistance OR has been disqualified from receiving General Assistance has the right to request a Fair Hearing.

One or more persons who were not involved in this decision will decide whether you are eligible for assistance.  If you would like a Fair Hearing, you must request a hearing in writing within 5 working days of when you have received the notice of the decision. You have the right to be represented by an attorney, at your expence and to present witnesses and written evidence on your behalf.  Forms to request a hearing are available in the General Assistance office or the link provided below on this page.

You also have the right to contact the State Department of Health and Human Services in Augusta at(1-800-442-6003) if you think this decision violates state law.

Once a hearing is requested the General Assistance Administrator must schedule the hearing within 5 working days from the request.

What to expect at the Fair Hearing:
The Fair Hearing Authority/General Assistance Board of Appeals will conduct the hearing.  This hearing will be recorded. All parties will be introduced. Each party will have the opportunity to provide their evidence. Once all parties have been heard the Hearing Authority will adjourn the hearing.

The Hearing Authority has 5 working days to render their decision.  The decision will be mailed to the claimant and to the General Assistance Administrator.  This decision will also state that if the claimant is dissatisfied with the Fair Hearing decision, he/she has a further legal right to appeal the decision pursuant to the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 80B. To take advantage of this right, the claimant must file a petition for review with the Superior Court within 30 days of receipt of the Fair Hearing decison.

To read the complete Article VII, Fair Hearing Sections 7.1 - 7.5 of the General Assistance Ordinance
click on this link: Article VII General Assistance Ordinance

How to apply for General Assistance:
Click on Departments and then the General Assistance tab on the front page of this website. There you will find a link for an application and an explanation of what General Assistance is and how to apply along with the requirements.

Request for a Fair Hearing form